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Chapter Art

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585: Everyone Heard the Same Nonsense

Concert-earplugs update

Chapter Concert-earplugs update image.

Phish at Sphere

Chapter Phish at Sphere image.

584: Daisy Hates Ticketmaster

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

583: I’ve Spent a Lot of Time in the Address Bar

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Special: Computing Origin Stories

Chapter Special: Computing Origin Stories image.

582: Can’t Render, Fog It

ATP Store: Windows

Chapter ATP Store: Windows image.

ATP Store: Graffiti

Chapter ATP Store: Graffiti image.

ATP Store: Blasts from the past

Chapter ATP Store: Blasts from the past image.

Apple Store pizza oven

Chapter Apple Store pizza oven image.

579: Use Your Words

Street widths

Chapter Street widths image.

575: Walk a Little Faster

AVP display warping

Chapter AVP display warping image.

100MP in Vision Pro

Chapter 100MP in Vision Pro image.

574: Weird Forking Scenario

A surprise for John

Chapter A surprise for John image.

565: Trickle-Up Concern

Many K’s of mediocrity

Chapter Many K’s of mediocrity image.

Marco’s new desk toy

Chapter Marco’s new desk toy image.

564: Always Get the Biggest Pizza

Casey goes to New York

Chapter Casey goes to New York image.

Casey goes to Long Island

Chapter Casey goes to Long Island image.

Casey goes to Fire Island

Chapter Casey goes to Fire Island image.

562: Do You Have a Dragon?

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Keyboard wear

Chapter Keyboard wear image.

561: Market Your Bug

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

The modern knob

Chapter The modern knob image.

Just four buttons

Chapter Just four buttons image.

SSD vs. HDD prices

Chapter SSD vs. HDD prices image.

Base RAM over time

Chapter Base RAM over time image.

560: They’re All Rectangles

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

558: Multilevel Pizza Oven

Scary Fast event next week

Chapter Scary Fast event next week image.

N3B (A17 Pro), N3E (M3?)

Chapter N3B (A17 Pro), N3E (M3?) image.

Marco’s Sonos journey

Chapter Marco's Sonos journey image.

557: The Phone-Box Lottery

Neutral: Car noises

Chapter Neutral: Car noises image.

553: Cut the Bridges to the Mainland

“Blue” iPhones over time

Chapter "Blue" iPhones over time image.

Neutral: Rivian experiences

Chapter Neutral: Rivian experiences image.

552: Not a Saturated Year

What color is Marco’s car?

Chapter What color is Marco's car? image.

551: Tickle Rock You


Chapter Neutral image.

Vs. school bus

Chapter Vs. school bus image.

Reference objects

Chapter Reference objects image.

First impressions

Chapter First impressions image.

549: Unauthorized Trash Can

Casey’s gift

Chapter Casey's gift image.

John’s gift

Chapter John's gift image.

548: Starting to Count Chickens

What if Apple + Disney?

Chapter What if Apple + Disney? image.

Our ad market

Chapter Our ad market image.

545: My Butler Can’t Use It

Who’s who?

Chapter Who's who? image.

544: Valid in a Marco Way

Coming to America

Chapter Coming to America image.

543: 100 Million Tire-Kickers

#askneutral: NACS vs. CCS

Chapter #askneutral: NACS vs. CCS image.

542: Penguin Camel Monkey Shark

Who’s the Mac Pro for?

Chapter Who's the Mac Pro for? image.

Vision Pro’s Top Four Challenges

Chapter Vision Pro's Top Four Challenges image.

540: The Points Don’t Matter

Overcast for visionOS?

Chapter Overcast for visionOS? image.

Vergence vs. accommodation

Chapter Vergence vs. accommodation image.

539: The Strap Situation

Defeating “Siri” detection

Chapter Defeating "Siri" detection image.

537: Worse Than All of Our Toilets

Destroying a car & computer

Chapter Destroying a car & computer image.

536: I Reboot With Reason

Final Cut & Logic for iPad

Chapter Final Cut & Logic for iPad image.

“Report bugs effectively”

Chapter “Report bugs effectively” image.

533: The Beach Is the Beach

Very very quick follow-up

Chapter Very very quick follow-up image.

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Post-show: Dave & Buster’s

Chapter Post-show: Dave & Buster's image.

532: The Meat Part of Multitasking

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

531: Rock It in the Right Direction

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

529: The Cycles of Marco


Chapter Superzooms image.

527: The True Siri Experience

Apple Watch Ultra bands

Chapter Apple Watch Ultra bands image.

(Not-very-)Big cameras

Chapter (Not-very-)Big cameras image.

524: The Anti-Fireplace Lobby

John’s living room

Chapter John's living room image.

Hot Rod Rivian

Chapter Hot Rod Rivian image.

Yellow is cool

Chapter Yellow is cool image.

522: I’ll Just Keep You for Ten Years

Chapter Sponsor: Mercury Weather image.

521: Dance Compatible

HomePod (2nd-gen) review

Chapter HomePod (2nd-gen) review image.

520: Bananas Ingestion System

“New” music

Chapter "New" music image.

515: The Elder Programmer Look

Mastodon Flock

Chapter Mastodon Flock image.

513: Scribble on the Shared Placemat

Follow-up: Sharrow

Chapter Follow-up: Sharrow image.

510: It’s Occupied by Bears

Test Completed

Chapter Test Completed image.

508: Later Is Getting Later and Later

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

“New” phone and mouse

Chapter "New" phone and mouse image.

A pizza pilgrimage

Chapter A pizza pilgrimage image.

507: It Sucks, Doesn’t It?

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

506: Our Only SEO Is You

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Apple mouse-shape history

Chapter Apple mouse-shape history image.

504: Too Much Apple in My Apple

AI image follow-up

Chapter AI image follow-up image.

502: Going Retina Again

Pre-show: Glasses

Chapter Pre-show: Glasses image.

501: Torsional Rigidity Check


Chapter Car-watch image.

497: The Hotness Has to Go Somewhere

Neutral: CarPlay & touch UI

Chapter Neutral: CarPlay & touch UI image.

#askatp: MBP cooling stands

Chapter #askatp: MBP cooling stands image.

Neutral Reprise

Chapter Neutral Reprise image.

496: One of My Lesser TiVos

TV audio sync

Chapter TV audio sync image.

Neutral: John rents a car

Chapter Neutral: John rents a car image.

494: Ultra-Wideband Park Bench

John’s new television

Chapter John's new television image.

492: Umbrella Hammer Toadstool

Dual Pro Stand patent

Chapter Dual Pro Stand patent image.

491: Salmon and SwiftUI

} else {

Chapter } else { image.

macOS support lifetime

Chapter macOS support lifetime image.

Sony’s new gaming monitor

Chapter Sony's new gaming monitor image.

490: Tiny Pictures of Knobs

System Settings: Beta 3

Chapter System Settings: Beta 3 image.

485: This Is Casey Actual

Price is Right on

Chapter Price is Right on image.

484: Hot-Spare Price is Right

Pro-fiber propaganda

Chapter Pro-fiber propaganda image.

483: The Faceless Knob


Chapter Recording? image.

Casey’s fiber trunk

Chapter Casey's fiber trunk image.

481: Accidentally Made It Too Good

Marco vs. the world

Chapter Marco vs. the world image.

iPhone 14 front-glass leaks

Chapter iPhone 14 front-glass leaks image.

480: Three Wise Admins

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Studio Display camera update

Chapter Studio Display camera update image.

Fence around Apple Park

Chapter Fence around Apple Park image.

Game-streaming setup

Chapter Game-streaming setup image.

479: Never Mind, I’m Out

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Sausage follow-up

Chapter Sausage follow-up image.

#askatp: Game-streaming setup

Chapter #askatp: Game-streaming setup image.

478: No Bum Cores

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

476: Plausibly Viable

Overcast redesign

Chapter Overcast redesign image.

470: Computers Can Do Things

Island life

Chapter Island life image.

469: Tiny Toastie

New member of the family

Chapter New member of the family image.


Chapter Neutral image.

467: The Strain Provider

Xbox Series S + Game Pass

Chapter Xbox Series S + Game Pass image.

462: Xcode X

A new iPhone-case winner

Chapter A new iPhone-case winner image.

461: Re-tend That Garden

Casey’s Corner

Chapter Casey's Corner image.

Life’s Good

Chapter Life's Good image.

460: Desktop Laptop

Holiday prep

Chapter Holiday prep image.

4K Casey Liss

Chapter 4K Casey Liss image.


Chapter Neutral image.

459: The Bluetooth Adds Warmth

Sweatpants & sneakers

Chapter Sweatpants & sneakers image.

Public records

Chapter Public records image.

DACs don’t output stair-steps

Chapter DACs don't output stair-steps image.

Mac Mini rumors

Chapter Mac Mini rumors image.

John’s beeps

Chapter John's beeps image.

458: This Is Not Your First Plane Crash

Marco’s Pants: Finale

Chapter Marco's Pants: Finale image.

John’s Beeps

Chapter John's Beeps image.

457: The World’s Greatest Conference Call

Weather Line to Carrot Weather

Chapter Weather Line to Carrot Weather image.

456: The Monitor Situation

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

MBP Xcode benchmarks

Chapter MBP Xcode benchmarks image.

Memory pressure

Chapter Memory pressure image.

iPhone-case mega-review

Chapter iPhone-case mega-review image.

455: Your Yanking Force

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

Even more MacBook Pro

Chapter Even more MacBook Pro image.

454: The Notch is Young

Picking up a MacBook Pro

Chapter Picking up a MacBook Pro image.

ATP Store is back!

Chapter ATP Store is back! image.

Kühl pants

Chapter Kühl pants image.

452: It’s Totally Leashed

John can’t find a good winter hat

Chapter John can't find a good winter hat image.

451: A Series of Terrible Magic Tricks

M1 shirts available on-demand

Chapter M1 shirts available on-demand image.

450: Distending My Wardrobe


Chapter Cameras image.

#askatp: Infinite-timescale features

Chapter #askatp: Infinite-timescale features image.

449: An Unclean Mouse

Thick iPhone is thicc

Chapter Thick iPhone is thicc image.

Apple Leather Case

Chapter Apple Leather Case image.

448: Next Year, Which Is Now

Chapter Donate to St. Jude! image.

Apple Watch Series 7

Chapter Apple Watch Series 7 image.

447: Lunchbox on Your Face

Chapter Donate away your guilt! image.

Wikipedia: Map of Long Island

Chapter Wikipedia: Map of Long Island image.

446: Dead From Fraud

Chapter Donate to St. Jude! image.

The web is a wasteland

Chapter The web is a wasteland image.

Home security cameras

Chapter Home security cameras image.

445: Best Blender Is a Wasteland

Chapter Donate to St. Jude image.

“Mac-assed Mac app” etymology

Chapter "Mac-assed Mac app" etymology image.

Marco went to a Phish concert

Chapter Marco went to a Phish concert image.

443: A Storm of Asterisks

We ❤️ Apple Music

Chapter We ❤️ Apple Music image.

#askatp: Camera rental for Disney

Chapter #askatp: Camera rental for Disney image.

442: Bob’s Barbecue

Phish is back! 🎉🎶🎸

Chapter Phish is back! 🎉🎶🎸 image.

After-show •

Chapter After-show • image.

441: Meals at Home

Is U2 a jam band?

Chapter Is U2 a jam band? image.

Photo Memories

Chapter Photo Memories image.

MagSafe Battery review

Chapter MagSafe Battery review image.

440: The Reality of Magnets

MagSafe Battery Pack

Chapter MagSafe Battery Pack image.

439: Eventually Converge on Correctness

Mac Safari UI tweak

Chapter Mac Safari UI tweak image.

iPhone Safari UI proposal

Chapter iPhone Safari UI proposal image.

John’s Safari UI proposal

Chapter John's Safari UI proposal image.

436: Eddy Cue Shows Up at Your Door


Chapter Avara image.

433: Before We Leave the Dump

HOMI update

Chapter HOMI update image.

Apple Podcasts issues

Chapter Apple Podcasts issues image.

432: I Shouldn’t Need to Wiggle

Theories on Jade C-Die

Chapter Theories on Jade C-Die image.

New Apple TV

Chapter New Apple TV image.

New Apple TV remote

Chapter New Apple TV remote image.

Casey’s HOMI Journey

Chapter Casey's HOMI Journey image.

430: Apple Did Not Eat That Food

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

429: Digital Speedo

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

428: A Series of Rectangles

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

426: Loaded Baked Potato

Spring Loaded

Chapter Spring Loaded image.

424: Ethernet Squid

More Tesla Wheels of Shame

Chapter More Tesla Wheels of Shame image.

WWDC announced

Chapter WWDC announced image.

423: Fort of HomePods

Worldwide Wheels o’ Shame

Chapter Worldwide Wheels o' Shame image.

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay adapter

Chapter Carlinkit wireless CarPlay adapter image.

422: Sell a Third Box

The Wheel(s) of Shame

Chapter The Wheel(s) of Shame image.

iMac color rumors

Chapter iMac color rumors image.

418: Dangerously Close to Being on a Phone Call

iPhone rumor: Always-on screen

Chapter iPhone rumor: Always-on screen image.

iPhone rumor: Stronger MagSafe

Chapter iPhone rumor: Stronger MagSafe image.

417: Sand and Water Interface

Timers on Apple Watch

Chapter Timers on Apple Watch image.

#askatp: Most-prized media files

Chapter #askatp: Most-prized media files image.

#askatp: App names in your keywords

Chapter #askatp: App names in your keywords image.


Chapter Pupdate image.

415: Sent Without Pants

T-568A vs. T-568B

Chapter T-568A vs. T-568B image.

Sent with SIri. Learn more…

Chapter Sent with SIri. Learn more… image.

Neutral: Model S redesign

Chapter Neutral: Model S redesign image.

414: Promoted Onto the Roof

AirPods Max detachable headband

Chapter AirPods Max detachable headband image.

Brighter whites

Chapter Brighter whites image.

Marco’s Ethernet update

Chapter Marco's Ethernet update image.

2021 MacBook Pro rumors

Chapter 2021 MacBook Pro rumors image.

413: Suddenly I’m the Marco

Waffle House

Chapter Waffle House image.

Marco’s Pro Display XDR review

Chapter Marco's Pro Display XDR review image.

#askatp: Computer speakers

Chapter #askatp: Computer speakers image.

412: Love Batteries

Thunderbolt dock update

Chapter Thunderbolt dock update image.

The other Christmas gift

Chapter The other Christmas gift image.


Chapter 🐶 image.

411: Are My Instructions Not Clear?

AirPods Max tidbits

Chapter AirPods Max tidbits image.

Marco’s workstation

Chapter Marco's workstation image.

410: The Comfort Is Killing Me

Follow-up: Ultra… fine

Chapter Follow-up: Ultra... fine image.

The M1 lifestyle (reprise)

Chapter The M1 lifestyle (reprise) image.

408: Feature Headphones

AirPods Max

Chapter AirPods Max image.

407: It Isn’t a Big Grapefruit

More on M1 scaling

Chapter More on M1 scaling image.

HomePod Mini review

Chapter HomePod Mini review image.

406: A Bomb on Your Home Screen

Rearranging app icons

Chapter Rearranging app icons image.

405: The Benevolence of the Powerful

McGurk effect

Chapter McGurk effect image.

404: With Four Hands Tied Behind Its Back

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.


Chapter M1 image.

403: A VCR for the Internet

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.

National Radio Quiet Zone

Chapter National Radio Quiet Zone image.

AirPods Pro repair program

Chapter AirPods Pro repair program image.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Chapter Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit image.

402: Flat-Side Promoter

John’s Migration Headaches

Chapter John's Migration Headaches image.

400: Reach Is the Next Frontier

Xbox Series X SOC

Chapter Xbox Series X SOC image.


Chapter A14 SOC image.

399: Off the Pouch Lifestyle

It’s been a week

Chapter It's been a week image.

Hi, Speed

Chapter Hi, Speed image.

398: The State of Your Baby

Apple disallows “irrelevant” info

Chapter Apple disallows "irrelevant" info image.

Apple Watch Family Setup

Chapter Apple Watch Family Setup image.

397: We Can’t Wait To See What You Do To It

Sport band XL size

Chapter Sport band XL size image.

Ode to Hotdog Stand

Chapter Ode to Hotdog Stand image.

396: The World of Moving

Headphone earpads

Chapter Headphone earpads image.

St. Jude: Thanks * Doug!

Chapter St. Jude: Thanks * Doug! image.

PS5 announcements

Chapter PS5 announcements image.

395: Receive Their Honking

Chapter Donate to St. Jude image.

Deer dietary corrections

Chapter Deer dietary corrections image.

Casey’s flashlight works

Chapter Casey's flashlight works image.

Surtainly Not

Chapter Surtainly Not image.

Apple-event expectations

Chapter Apple-event expectations image.

394: The Price of an ATP Sticker

Casey * Erin Liss

Chapter Casey * Erin Liss image.

392: Corporate Relationship Counselor

Hi. This is Marco Arment.

Chapter Hi. This is Marco Arment. image.

388: Riding the Autocomplete

Defeated by seltzer

Chapter Defeated by seltzer image.

Apple News Today

Chapter Apple News Today image.

387: It Might Not Be as Cool as You Think

Casey likes Big Sur

Chapter Casey likes Big Sur image.

#askneutral: BMW’s new grille

Chapter #askneutral: BMW's new grille image.

Neutral: New Ford Bronco

Chapter Neutral: New Ford Bronco image.

386: No More Holes in My House

Phisherman Relieph Phund

Chapter Phisherman Relieph Phund image.

385: Temporal Smear


Chapter hey_z_ree image.

Low-level audio holes

Chapter Low-level audio holes image.

GOTO: Apple Platform Unification

Chapter GOTO: Apple Platform Unification image.

381: Uncomfortable Truths

Black Lives Matter

Chapter Black Lives Matter image.

Last call for merch

Chapter Last call for merch image.

#askatp: Finder view

Chapter #askatp: Finder view image.

380: Wires Are Great

ATP Store until June 7

Chapter ATP Store until June 7 image.

Apple TV Channels

Chapter Apple TV Channels image.

379: The Everything’s OK Alarm

New merch available now!

Chapter New merch available now! image.


Chapter New CMS image.

App promo-code scams

Chapter App promo-code scams image.

TV news

Chapter TV news image.

#askatp: Clipboard managers

Chapter #askatp: Clipboard managers image.

378: Whale Quench

Early camcorders

Chapter Early camcorders image.

TV carts, melted film

Chapter TV carts, melted film image.


Chapter Neutral image.

377: $10 Worth of Headaches

More WWDC info released

Chapter More WWDC info released image.

Neutral: CarPlay for old Porsches

Chapter Neutral: CarPlay for old Porsches image.

376: Monogamous Gaming Lifestyle

Half-wheeled scheme: no go

Chapter Half-wheeled scheme: no go image.

Fan 3

Chapter Fan 3 image.

373: This Jerk, Right Here

PS5 controller

Chapter PS5 controller image.

Retro gaming

Chapter Retro gaming image.

372: Things Are Degraded

Casey’s Tale of Woe

Chapter Casey's Tale of Woe image.

371: Four-Letter Technologies

Quarantined unproductivity

Chapter Quarantined unproductivity image.

369: Brown Big Bear

Rumor: Watch faces

Chapter Rumor: Watch faces image.

Marco discovers Minecraft

Chapter Marco discovers Minecraft image.

368: A Jacket and Some Pins

Chapter Neutral: New BMW logo image.

366: There’s Nothing You Can Fix in a Day

Kontra’s Apple product

Chapter Kontra's Apple product image.

iOS 13.4 beta

Chapter iOS 13.4 beta image.

SwitchGlass War Stories

Chapter SwitchGlass War Stories image.

364: A Casey Settings Screen


Chapter Peek-a-View image.

#askatp: Homebrew

Chapter #askatp: Homebrew image.

#askatp: Wi-Fi network names

Chapter #askatp: Wi-Fi network names image.


Chapter Post-show image.

363: The Floor is Lava

It happened to be white

Chapter It happened to be white image.

iPad UI complexity

Chapter iPad UI complexity image.

362: Xcode in Anger

Windows vs. Microsoft logos

Chapter Windows vs. Microsoft logos image.

Xcode layout hell

Chapter Xcode layout hell image.

Neutral: Road-trip cars

Chapter Neutral: Road-trip cars image.

360: Big Hole in the Middle

Rapid-fire follow-up

Chapter Rapid-fire follow-up image.

Front and Center

Chapter Front and Center image.

Salt Apple TV remote

Chapter Salt Apple TV remote image.

BTW, it’s “Front and Center”

Chapter BTW, it's "Front and Center" image.

Marco’s vacation

Chapter Marco's vacation image.

356: With a Heavy Heart

Choose your Mac Pro.

Chapter Choose your Mac Pro. image.

Customize your Mac Pro.

Chapter Customize your Mac Pro. image.

Expand your Mac Pro workstation.

Chapter Expand your Mac Pro workstation. image.

All the essentials. And then some.

Chapter All the essentials. And then some. image.

355: The Way Corn Grows

Marco’s Light Globe

Chapter Marco's Light Globe image.

Appliance shopping

Chapter Appliance shopping image.

354: Casey’s Computer Corner

Festival of Light

Chapter Festival of Light image.

Tesla Cybertruck

Chapter Tesla Cybertruck image.

353: Modern-Day Dialup

Neutral: Unsolicited gifts

Chapter Neutral: Unsolicited gifts image.

Paperlike 2

Chapter Paperlike 2 image.

351: The Floor Is High

ATP Holiday Store

Chapter ATP Holiday Store image.

Neutral: The Wheel of Shame

Chapter Neutral: The Wheel of Shame image.

350: Wax Buddies

ATP Holiday Store

Chapter ATP Holiday Store image.

Another 16” image

Chapter Another 16" image image.

Neutral: Tiff’s new i3s

Chapter Neutral: Tiff's new i3s image.

349: Formative Tech Dystopia

No overview available.

Chapter No overview available. image.

16” MBP imminent?

Chapter 16" MBP imminent? image.

Everyone makes everything

Chapter Everyone makes everything image.

347: Not Enough Carrot to Take the Stick

The Bells of Arment County

Chapter The Bells of Arment County image.

345: Unapologetically Digital

Caseless Casey Liss

Chapter Caseless Casey Liss image.

Our Apple Watches

Chapter Our Apple Watches image.

342: The Opposite of Con

Card weight competition

Chapter Card weight competition image.

Apple Card cases

Chapter Apple Card cases image.

338: Double Chunking

Cheese-grater updates

Chapter Cheese-grater updates image.

337: Sea Conditions Are Calm

Siri privacy

Chapter Siri privacy image.

336: Your Face Is Not Your Face

Breakfast cereal

Chapter Breakfast cereal image.

Follow-up: iOS 13 charging

Chapter Follow-up: iOS 13 charging image.

Audio sunglasses

Chapter Audio sunglasses image.

334: Mechanical Disadvantage

John’s cheese grater broke

Chapter John's cheese grater broke image.

333: Pesky Human Issues

John’s favorite spatula

Chapter John's favorite spatula image.

331: The Technical Burden of Users


Chapter Post-show image.

330: A Rotation You Can’t Complete


Chapter root:wheel image.

John’s Safari-reload “app”

Chapter John's Safari-reload "app" image.

Monodraw & asciiflow

Chapter Monodraw & asciiflow image.

328: The Pixel Stump

Leaked screenshots

Chapter Leaked screenshots image.

327: Better Late Than Wrong


Chapter Vignette image.


Chapter Playdate image.


Chapter Post-show image.

324: Automatic Kicking Machine

Jury-duty tech

Chapter Jury-duty tech image.

323: A Slightly Smaller Thumb

New T-shirts!

Chapter New T-shirts! image.

Thanks, Iconfactory!

Chapter Thanks, Iconfactory! image.

322: Morale-Sucking Maple Syrup Fires

Reactions to Katie Bouman’s work

Chapter Reactions to Katie Bouman's work image.

321: Dumbed Down, Locked Down, and Locked Out

Netflix removes AirPlay

Chapter Netflix removes AirPlay image.

Breaking up iTunes

Chapter Breaking up iTunes image.

319: We Should Probably Get to the Apple Event

Bread-sliced Boston accents

Chapter Bread-sliced Boston accents image.

315: 1.0 Was Just Speed

Bus-powered TB3 hubs

Chapter Bus-powered TB3 hubs image.

312: Fashion Phase


Chapter ATP_progrm_chptr() image.

Follow-up: FaceTime bug

Chapter Follow-up: FaceTime bug image.

USB-C “MagSafe”

Chapter USB-C "MagSafe" image.

USB-C LED charging cable

Chapter USB-C LED charging cable image.

Screen-protector update

Chapter Screen-protector update image.

310: Apple Playstore


Chapter Shirt image.

308: Left-Handed Streaming Service

Jam bands and Monty Python

Chapter Jam bands and Monty Python image.

306: My Watch Has Ended

iPad screen protectors

Chapter iPad screen protectors image.

Bent iPad Pros

Chapter Bent iPad Pros image.

304: Island of Shortcuts

Neutral: e-tron

Chapter Neutral: e-tron image.

302: Paint This Square

iPad CPU vs. MacBook Pro

Chapter iPad CPU vs. MacBook Pro image.

Thanksgiving dessert

Chapter Thanksgiving dessert image.

301: I Cut Them Up in the Air

Audiophile headphone bump

Chapter Audiophile headphone bump image.

Surface Go

Chapter Surface Go image.

#askatp: Bagel guillotines

Chapter #askatp: Bagel guillotines image.

ATP Thanksgiving

Chapter ATP Thanksgiving image.

300: First of All, It’s Easy

Marco’s a YouTuber now

Chapter Marco's a YouTuber now image.

297: It Also Deserves to Die

Casey the Wafflemaster

Chapter Casey the Wafflemaster image.

296: Giant Buffers of Floats

Bagel-emoji update

Chapter Bagel-emoji update image.

295: Outlets That Suck

Follow-up: Watch size

Chapter Follow-up: Watch size image.

294: The Intersection of Liberal Arts and Whatever

Bagel emoji

Chapter Bagel emoji image.

293: You Know My Pouches

Watch Series 4 review

Chapter Watch Series 4 review image.

Creative Selection

Chapter Creative Selection image.

292: Start a Rotate Chicken Nuggets Timer

A Simpsons reference

Chapter A Simpsons reference image.

Casey on Cars

Chapter Casey on Cars image.

290: A Weird Sandwich

iPhone XS?

Chapter iPhone XS? image.

Apple Watch Series 4

Chapter Apple Watch Series 4 image.

288: Rich Person’s Raspberry Pi

Mac Mini rumor

Chapter Mac Mini rumor image.

287: Open-Faced Compliment Sandwich

Follow-up: Model 3 controls

Chapter Follow-up: Model 3 controls image.

286: I Respect a Good Crust

Pre-show: John’s vacation

Chapter Pre-show: John's vacation image.

Part of a complete breakfast

Chapter Part of a complete breakfast image.

Neutral: Tesla dash redesign?

Chapter Neutral: Tesla dash redesign? image.

285: Do Not Drill Holes in This House

A homeowner adventure

Chapter A homeowner adventure image.

284: Hotel California Keyboard

Easier-to-replace keycaps

Chapter Easier-to-replace keycaps image.

iFixit keyboard test

Chapter iFixit keyboard test image.

A second helping

Chapter A second helping image.

283: Just Lower Your Standards

Neutral: S.M.A.R.T.

Chapter Neutral: S.M.A.R.T. image.

282: Not Unreliable Enough

Review: Europe

Chapter Review: Europe image.

280: Extinction-Level Event

Beach computer update

Chapter Beach computer update image.

#askatp: 4K > 24”?

Chapter #askatp: 4K > 24"? image.

279: You’ll Hate What I’m Actually Doing

Accidental Test Kitchen

Chapter Accidental Test Kitchen image.

ATP in WWDC session

Chapter ATP in WWDC session image.

278: Best Worst Influence

iOS 12 beta

Chapter iOS 12 beta image.

277: You’re Not a Mac App Yet

Closing remarks

Chapter Closing remarks image.

276: Observing a Black Hole


Chapter Cookies image.

App Camp For Girls event

Chapter App Camp For Girls event image.

Beach computer problem

Chapter Beach computer problem image.

275: It’s Difficult When You’re a Billionaire

Neutral: Marco’s giant box

Chapter Neutral: Marco's giant box image.

274: Not the Teddy Bear’s Fault

Laurel or Yanny?

Chapter Laurel or Yanny? image.

Surface Hub 2

Chapter Surface Hub 2 image.

273: Playing You Like a Video Game

Follow-up: Raise to Listen

Chapter Follow-up: Raise to Listen image.

Layers Conference

Chapter Layers Conference image.

Jony Ive on Hodinkee

Chapter Jony Ive on Hodinkee image.

272: 60% Satisfied

ATP Merchandise!

Chapter ATP Merchandise! image.

271: Voting With Your Virtual Feet

ATP Store

Chapter ATP Store image.


Chapter NOT A TOUCH SCREEN image.

269: Cooled by Jellyfish

Battery-throttling notification

Chapter Battery-throttling notification image.

macOS 32-bit dialog

Chapter macOS 32-bit dialog image.

268: A Tarnished Brass Age

Follow-up: GDPR iOS screens

Chapter Follow-up: GDPR iOS screens image.

266: Text Adventure Mode

Follow-up: “You shut down”

Chapter Follow-up: "You shut down" image.

More keyboard patents!

Chapter More keyboard patents! image.

#askatp: Console “bits”

Chapter #askatp: Console "bits" image.

265: Simon Says Volume Five

#askatp: Wordy button text

Chapter #askatp: Wordy button text image.

264: Every Building Has Bugs

Follow-up: MacBook arrow keys

Chapter Follow-up: MacBook arrow keys image.

Follow-up: PC arrow keys

Chapter Follow-up: PC arrow keys image.

iOS onboarding screens

Chapter iOS onboarding screens image.

263: Old Potato

MacBook DS patent

Chapter MacBook DS patent image.

Post-show: Playing for Fun

Chapter Post-show: Playing for Fun image.

257: Smell the Wind

#askatp: Cheese-grater plans?

Chapter #askatp: Cheese-grater plans? image.

255: The Thermal Paste Lottery

High Sierra font-smoothing bug

Chapter High Sierra font-smoothing bug image.

252: Any Day Could Be Mac Pro Day

Pre-show: Neutral

Chapter Pre-show: Neutral image.

iMac Pro!

Chapter iMac Pro! image.

251: Uninstall Your Water Reminder App!

Post-show: Forecast

Chapter Post-show: Forecast image.

249: Beehives Full of Bees

The best laptop ever made

Chapter The best laptop ever made image.

Neutral: Tesla Roadster

Chapter Neutral: Tesla Roadster image.

248: Chili Cookoff

#askatp: The rejected question

Chapter #askatp: The rejected question image.

246: I Just Want My Stories

#askatp: Fired Apple engineer

Chapter #askatp: Fired Apple engineer image.

Post-show: Casey’s video

Chapter Post-show: Casey's video image.

245: Senior-Citizen Advantage

#askatp: Starter Phish

Chapter #askatp: Starter Phish image.

Tim’s Mac Mini email

Chapter Tim's Mac Mini email image.

Post-show: Neutral

Chapter Post-show: Neutral image.

244: The Mac Renaissance

Pre-show: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Chapter Pre-show: K-I-S-S-I-N-G image.

#askatp: User-less Plex

Chapter #askatp: User-less Plex image.

#askatp: ARM Mac Pro

Chapter #askatp: ARM Mac Pro image.

#askatp: iMac Pro quantity

Chapter #askatp: iMac Pro quantity image.

Why is Marco on his MacBook Pro?

Chapter Why is Marco on his MacBook Pro? image.

Pro industrial design

Chapter Pro industrial design image.

MacBook Redux

Chapter MacBook Redux image.

Special theme by Jonathan Mann

Chapter Special theme by Jonathan Mann image.

Post-show: VBR experiment

Chapter Post-show: VBR experiment image.

243: Knew About the Dollar Signs

Follow-up: Cellular fees

Chapter Follow-up: Cellular fees image.

Tiled Windows of Casey County

Chapter Tiled Windows of Casey County image.

Chapter Menu$$$bar$ of Casey County image.

Follow-up: Cellular fees

Chapter Follow-up: Cellular fees image.

#askatp: Safari vs. Chrome

Chapter #askatp: Safari vs. Chrome image.

#askatp: New Accord

Chapter #askatp: New Accord image.

#askatp: Terminals and shells

Chapter #askatp: Terminals and shells image.

241: Jazzercise Boot Camp

Post-show: Neutral

Chapter Post-show: Neutral image.

240: Undefined Wait Period

Neutral: Acura DS

Chapter Neutral: Acura DS image.

Neutral: Acura NSX

Chapter Neutral: Acura NSX image.

Neutral: DeLorean

Chapter Neutral: DeLorean image.

238: Begging for the Hub


Chapter Post-show image.

232: You’ve Exceeded Some Limit


Chapter Post-show image.

1984 Mongoose Californian

Chapter 1984 Mongoose Californian image.

231: I Am Not a Salad Power User

Post-show: Neutral

Chapter Post-show: Neutral image.

218: MagSafe Cups of Water

Follow-up™: iOS partitions

Chapter Follow-up™: iOS partitions image.

Clips bypasses permissions

Chapter Clips bypasses permissions image.


Chapter T-shirts! image.

USB-C MagSafe patent

Chapter USB-C MagSafe patent image.

Post-show: WWDC lunches

Chapter Post-show: WWDC lunches image.

217: Apology Mac Pro


Chapter T-shirts image.


Chapter Post-show image.

216: Thermal Corner


Chapter T-shirts! image.

215: Pots Are Made to Be Broken

Naked Laptop Core

Chapter Naked Laptop Core image.

MacBook Escape

Chapter MacBook Escape image.

214: Christmas Phone

Marco’s Waffling

Chapter Marco's Waffling image.

213: Siri in a Can

An Apple rant, sorry

Chapter An Apple rant, sorry image.

212: Meatspace Windows


Chapter Post-show image.

208: Your Face Is Your Face

macOS thought experiment

Chapter macOS thought experiment image.

Post-show: Casey’s car waffling

Chapter Post-show: Casey's car waffling image.

203: Screaming At Us From The Future

Naked robotic MacBook Pro

Chapter Naked robotic MacBook Pro image.

201: Volume Micromanager

Tim Cook on desktops

Chapter Tim Cook on desktops image.


Chapter Post-show image.

200: I Had a Dream About the Mac Pro

Marco goes to Microsoft

Chapter Marco goes to Microsoft image.

197: Life by a Thousand Hugs

Post-show: The Grand Tour

Chapter Post-show: The Grand Tour image.

196: Roasting Your Own Beans

John’s 4K displays

Chapter John's 4K displays image.

192: Hello Again Again

Apple event next week

Chapter Apple event next week image.

187: Putting Plastic on Your Couches

Pre-show: 1000 days

Chapter Pre-show: 1000 days image.


Chapter Anti-homers image.

Post-show: Reduce Lasers

Chapter Post-show: Reduce Lasers image.

185: The Delaware of Europe

John’s artwork

Chapter John's artwork image.

184: Procedural Marriage Mistakes

Post-show: Google Duo :(

Chapter Post-show: Google Duo :( image.

181: Eat Your Vegetables

Teslas and convertibles

Chapter Teslas and convertibles image.

179: Free-to-Play Dogs

Follow-up: Casey’s iMac

Chapter Follow-up: Casey's iMac image.

The ancient Mac lineup

Chapter The ancient Mac lineup image.

178: Mama Needs That Pokémon

Follow-up: Trackbars

Chapter Follow-up: Trackbars image.

177: Paying for Someone to Blame

Ice cream or not?

Chapter Ice cream or not? image.

Post-show Neutral: Accord SE

Chapter Post-show Neutral: Accord SE image.

171: WWDC Is Not Santa Claus


Chapter T-shirts image.

T-shirts: Origin of “///ATP”

Chapter T-shirts: Origin of “///ATP” image.

T-shirts: Origin of “Watches”

Chapter T-shirts: Origin of “Watches” image.

Follow-up: Same-day app review

Chapter Follow-up: Same-day app review image.

Follow-up: Quitting Android apps

Chapter Follow-up: Quitting Android apps image.

Chapter Sponsor: Fracture (code ATP10) image.

Rumored MacBook Pros

Chapter Rumored MacBook Pros image.

Chapter Sponsor: FreshBooks image.

Apple and AI services

Chapter Apple and AI services image.

Chapter Sponsor: Hover (code EATFRESH) image.

Best of Apple and Google

Chapter Best of Apple and Google image.

Ending theme

Chapter Ending theme image.

Post-show: Google Photos

Chapter Post-show: Google Photos image.

167: They’ve Opened the Door to Streakers

Always on vacation

Chapter Always on vacation image.

WWDC ticket status

Chapter WWDC ticket status image.

Chapter Sponsor: Fracture (code ATP10) image.

Tesla vs. Level 2 EV chargers

Chapter Tesla vs. Level 2 EV chargers image.

MacBook Two?

Chapter MacBook Two?  image.

Windows XP sounds

Chapter Windows XP sounds image.

Chapter Sponsor: Betterment image.

WWDC changes this year

Chapter WWDC changes this year image.

Chapter Sponsor: Ring Video Doorbell image.

John’s new hardware

Chapter John’s new hardware image.

Ending theme

Chapter Ending theme image.

Post-show: Canonical bagels

Chapter Post-show: Canonical bagels image.

Post-show: Tesla perception

Chapter Post-show: Tesla perception image.